Digital Distribution
08 feb. 2015

Digital Distribution

On this digital era it’s a complete miss if your music is not out there on online stores. Sure CD-sells still give that physical touch and people appreciate it, but you don’t need to pick one and skip the other one.

By letting Seven Seals Music do your digital distribution on iTunes, Spotify and 100(!) other online retailers people all over the world can buy your record with the touch of their mouse-click.


Every song gets an exclusive ISRC number (digital fingerprint of your music) which can be used for radio and TV.
Every album/product gets an exclusive barcode (EAN) by which your product can be scanned by physical stores to register your sell. This way you can be noted on the official charts!

Besides the fact that your music will be available for your actual fanbase, distributing your record online is a way to promote it. The ‘Related artists’ system on Spotify for example takes care of suggesting your music to an audience listening to artists making a relatable genre of music. A similar system is also developed by iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Don’t leave money on the tables and start selling your music online NOW!


– Exclusive ISRC number
– Unique Barcode (EAN)
– No annual fees


Single song: €15,00*
Album: €65,00*

* exclusive of a 7% fee.