Social Presence
26 mrt. 2015

Social Presence

You’ve got yourself a good biography written, you have good photos, everytime you perform you let someone film short videos. But everytime you get about two “Likes” for your post.
You are on your way, but you can use some help…
Seven Seals Music has created troughout the years a good fanbase which can help you with a bit network and promotion.
For just €99,95- a year Seven Seals Music will write something about your music, your tracks and you as an artist every week. This post will reach +1000 FaceBook followers and +1000 Twitter followers. So that will reach about +1000.000 people which weekly get to hear about you as an artist.


Plus +30.000 website visitors we yearly get on and your fanbase is already pretty big!
We also write once a month a website post about your music.

Social Presence makes that you as an artist are present on social media, and gives you a boost to build your fanbase and make is stronger.

Price: €99,00 per year.